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Hire fast,
without the risk.

Construction recruitment is fraught with challenges; high-volume hiring for projects, overseas sourcing, and an inability to reach references within normal business hours. We're here to help you do your hiring due-diligence with speed and compliance.

Two construction workers discussing work while holding tablet.

Xref makes it easier for construction teams to...

Reduce time-to-hire.

Streamline your verification processes, with all essential checks fully automated via a single platform.

‘Work’ through the night.

With a multilingual system that operates around-the-clock, rest-assured that your reference, background and ID checks are being taken care of outside of business hours.

Manage high-volume hiring.

Ensure you do your due diligence when hiring in large volumes through Xref’s bulk referencing feature - reference up to 100 candidates at a time, with no extra administration.

Three images of construction process including designing, planning and building.

Build a stronger business with Xref

"Using Xref circumvents the coordination time that was once required just to secure a time to complete the reference check. Now we’re completing and reporting on checks within 36 hours - something that often took weeks in the past."

Mark Sumner, Recruitment Manager,
Fletcher Building

Construction team displaying workplace information.
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